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There’s something in me that just loves making things for others.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy BUYING things for others.  But there’s never enough money to do all the buying, and it just seems so much more special when I can make it with my hands.  I think nothing less of those who DO NOT make things, sew things, stamp things, or create things.  But in our home, we are really into the “hand-made with love” type of gifts.  My girls are still frantically trying to finish gifts that they are making and Allyson has done nothing but “craft” since she got home from college.  I guess you could say that I passed down the “crafty genes”…….and their daddy is a “do-it-yourself builder type of guy” — so I guess they got it from both sides!

I was able to exchange gifts with a dear friend of mine last night.  Deborah is a quilting friend of mine, and she and I share very similar tastes when it comes to fabric, stitching, and all types of crafts.  I am excited to show you the 2 little projects that I made for Deborah and tomorrow I will show you what she made for ME.  It was the most perfect gift!  I’m going to take it out in the sunshine today and get a good photo 🙂

First, I made Deborah an ornament — or just a little “thing” she can sit on her shelf in her sewing room.  It was advertised online as an ornament, though.  It’s made with Wool Felt, sewn with the machine, but hand embroidery on the initial “D”.

My fabric part is the little “bolts” of fabric that I made to go in the bag.  They are tiny scraps of fabric wrapped around a piece of cardboard that I cut from a box.  Isn’t that just too cute?  Of course you could modify this and fill the bag with anything…..but this was the original intent. HERE IS THE LINK FOR THIS PATTERN. 

 I found the idea on Pinterest and knew immediately that I had the perfect person to make this for.  On the link,  the pattern is provided for everything.  It is a great tutorial.  I made the entire thing in about an hour…….maybe even less.  For those of you wondering, you can’t get Wool Felt in very many stores, and usually not anywhere in Waco.  There are few colors here and there — sometimes the local quilt shop has a few colors, and sometimes the craft stores.  But typically not.  If you truly want to sew GREAT projects that use “real” Wool Felt, I encourage you to purchase them online like I did.  I went to Etsy and searched for a store that had a variety of colors, good prices, and lived in the USA.  HERE IS HER LINK and her store is Retro Mama.  She sells the Wool Felt in individual colors, or combination packages.  She gave me great customer service and I now have a wide variety of colors on hand for little projects like this.  Need more info?  Just ask me!

I also made Deborah this little pin cushion.  I picked up this little watering can at Michael’s some time back.  I used a tiny piece of an old quilt for the top.  I found a quilt top at an antique store one time.  I loved the vintage fabrics in it, and it was cheap!  I picked it up and have started using it for pot holders, pin cushions, and other tiny things.  It was hard to cut it up, but trust me, it really had no other use unless I wanted to do some major, major work.

 I hope you will enjoy seeing some more of my gifted projects in the next week or two.  I can’t wait to show you some other things that I am giving AND receiving.  Have a great day!!!!

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  1. These are adorable projects, Dawn! Love the little bolts of cloth. And THANKS for the links. I’ve been looking for a good source for the felts. She has some great colors. Merry Christmas!

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