Allyson’s 19th Birthday

Yesterday was Allyson’s 19th Birthday.  I can’t believe how the time has passed…….but she is such a lovely young adult and we are having so much fun while she is home from college.  We spent the day together at the hospital…….with Kimi and her family.  Yes, sounds strange, but we wouldn’t have been any other place.  It was the thing for us to do, and we really wanted to be there with Kimi through her various procedures.  Kimi is still very aware of who we are, even though she was adopted by her family 20 months ago (we had her the first 18 months of her life).   Thankfully, we get to see her often and visit her family that lives only 45 minutes away.  God is so good to allow their family to love us, too!  Please be in prayer for Kimi as we have recently found out about 2 heart problems that she has.  One is able to be repaired with surgery, but the other is not.  While she was sedated for ear tubes yesterday, the Cardiologist did an Echocardiogram to get a better picture of her heart.  (the first one was not quite as good as they wanted, primarily because of her being so small and unable to lay still for them)  Please join me in praying for a miraculous answer from this cardiologist report.  The prognosis is NOT GOOD if the original diagnosis is confirmed.  As you can imagine, we are all heartbroken!  Please, please pray.

One more bit of news……..Charles’ dad got to move to his apartment this week, and out of the main hospital.  He will hopefully get to come home the beginning of January.  He is doing well, with a few complications, but nothing they haven’t been able to handle.  Prayers STILL needed for them too, but we are thankful for the passing of another week and the accomplishments of the week.

Now…….some happy smiles and birthday photos from our dinner at Cheddar’s with family and a couple of friends.  And yes, Sarah WAS there, we somehow missed getting her in the photos.  I get a “bad mommy award” for that, I suppose.  However, it had been a long day, and I was emitionally spent at the time.  Baby Emmy had also gone for a visit with her mom — she took her to get her ears pierced — messed one up after trying 2 times — and now she is back with me with ONE ear pierced.  I lost it!  Cried buckets!  So upset………..probably over-reacted, but it just breaks my heart.  I am so sad that someone who has NO rights and has not dealt with her for almost 5 months would take her from me and inflict pain on her and send her back with me to pick up the pieces.  So…….”Merry Christmas” to me and now I get to doctor ears and pray that I can take her to get the other ear pierced soon.  All that to say……….I was a little bit of a basket case last night and trying to no ruin Allyson’s dinner with my emotional state.  Oh, the joys of parenting!


Here is Miss Emmy…….doesn’t seem as upset as I am over the one earring in her right ear…as with anything in life, we must move on.  We can’t change it, so we have to accept it and move forward.  I’ll take her in a week to get the other one done.  Lucky me! 

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  1. God bless your tender heart! What a traumatic week….emotional highs and lows. Still a loving family and a loving God carries us through these trying moments. I’ll be praying for Emmy too! We’re almost to Christmas! May yours be MERRY from beginning to end!

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