Merry Christmas from the Derricks!

I pray that those who are reading this post have had (or will have) some special moments with loved ones.  Maybe you were with your family members, or maybe you were with friends, but whatever the case may be, I hope you celebrated “LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE”.  We had a very different Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We did “untraditional” things, but we were together with the girls, and thankful for so many things.  We have learned to be thankful in all circumstances this Christmas, and I suppose we all need a little reminder of that every once in awhile.  I don’t know about you, but I’m human, and sometimes I forget what all I have to be thankful for when everything is clicking along just right.   So this Christmas season, I really found myself even more thankful for the little things — and honestly, the BIG HUGE things too.

As I look at this huge smile on the face of this precious baby, I’m so thankful that God rescued her from a bad situation and brought her to our home.  She is a very special reminder of God’s neverending love and protection.  She is a constant reminder that all is not right in this world we live in, but God is in control and takes care of his children.  I think God has used her (and all our foster babies) to remind us of many things during these last 7 years.  But most of all……..we are NOT in control, and God IS IN CONTROL………it is not about us, but about God’s purpose and God’s calling.

I have several other photos……but here’s one of my favorites.  This is the gift that Lindsey made for me.  She made all of us something that she painted on canvas.  This is a collage of family photos……..hope you can see it well enough.  It is gorgeous!!!  I can’t wait to hang it up and I think I’m going to get her to paint me some individuals to go next to it.  I’ll show you some more tomorrow.  She has definitely got the artistic flair in her.

And here she is with her daddy and the canvas she painted him………it made him cry and cry and cry.  It has been an emotional Christmas for him, and this really sealed the deal.  Please read what it says and then you’ll realize why they were both crying!!!!

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