Chenille Snowman Gifts

Good morning friends!  I must share some very exciting news before I dig into the snowman post…

Charles’ dad is on his way home today from MD Anderson in Houston!  We are so, so excited!  He has been there since October, so he is very ready to be home!

Also, perhaps you will remember the Echocardiogram that Kimi had done on Dec. 23rd (see THIS POST) and my emotional day at the hospital with her on Allyson’s birthday.  Well, we got the results back and SHE DOES NOT have the fatal heart condition that they suspected that she had.  Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!  She does have another small, repairable condition where there is a tiny hole in the heart.  It has not closed up and she is 3 years old.  The doctors want to wait a little bit longer and perhaps it will close on its own.  If not, it is a non-invasive procedure to close it up and they will do that in the years to come.  I hope you can imagine the tears of joy that we have shed knowing that her tiny life is not at risk from this heart condition.  It is almost too much to imagine, but it takes our breath away to even THINK of losing one of our foster babies to death.  We are so thankful today!  Lots of blessings to start out the new year!

This is a little snowman that I made for many of my friends and co-workers.  I found the pattern HERE.  I can’t even remember WHY I went to this pattern website, or how I found this little guy, but when I did…….I realized that I really wanted to make him!  One of my sewing buddies also wanted to make some of them, and we quickly went to work gathering all the supplies.  She was a very big help to me since I was in the busiest season of my job at the time!  I was unable to find any white or cream chenille in Waco, so I purchased this at a quilt shop in Midlothian when we went to a band competition in October.   We decided to make MORE than the one yard of fabric made, and I ordered more over the phone so we could make even more.  I ended up making 15 of them!

 The original pattern is really quite small.  Once we made one of them in the smaller size, we realized that we would like to enlarge it just a tiny bit.  My friend took the pattern and enlarged it on a copier and we were in business with our “snow family”.  I also had to order the orange wool felt for the noses.  I called my fabric quilt shop in McKinney (Happiness is …Quilting) and they mailed me a yard of it.  I have lots left over for future projects!  She took gold jingle bells and sprayed them with special spray paint to make them look “rusty”.  The pebbles on the mouth were purchased at IKEA and are similar to the rocks you woudl put in an aquarium.  I had lots of buttons on hand, but I just used some inexpensive black buttons that come in a big bag from the fabric store.  The scarf is a 1″ strip of flannel fabric that I purchased at JoAnn’s.

So, we went to a little bit of trouble to make this project happen.  I still think it was worth it!  All of my snowmen were very well received and I know that my gifts came from the heart.  I know that it took me a little longer to make these than to run to the store and buy something.  That’s OK.  I had much more fun making these than running to the store!  And I would like to think that I saved a ton of money for these 14 gifts…..I kept THIS ONE for me!  Ha!   So…….maybe you can think about this for NEXT year, and gather your supplies NOW and start working on something ahead of time.  I am already brainstorming on things for next year………how about you?

If you want to make these…….here are a few tips!

The pattern is a download and only $2.  Quite a good deal.

Sew on the buttons, nose, and bells BEFORE you sew the front and back chenille snowman pieces together.  It is much easier and will save you alot of frustration!!!!  I changed after making ONE of them and it was so much quicker and easier.

Sew on the bells with fishing line.  Regular thread will break off easily with the metal.

Put a small baggie of sand in the bottom (not clear on the instructions) and then fill the rest with PolyFil.  I bought a large bag of this and did not use all of it.

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  1. So, it was homemade! It’s super cute and is a nice addition to my snowman collection! 🙂

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