Layer Cake Quilt

On Friday,  Allyson and I went to McKinney to visit my mom and my sister-in-law.  I had not gotten to see my SIL and exchange gifts with her and Allyson wanted to see both of them before she goes back to college.  We had a great day that included lunch at Chili’s and some shopping!  We went to Hobby Lobby and 2 of my favorite Quilt Shops.  If you are looking for any FANTASTIC shops in the North Dallas area, there are 2 within 5 minutes of each other.  May I recommend Happiness is….Quilting and The Quilt Asylum.  They both have huge collections of fabric and patterns and excellent customer service.  I just wish they were closer to me!  Or maybe not — because I’d spend way too much money there 🙂

But, back to the quilt.  This is the quilt that I made for my Sister-in-law and she loved it!  It uses a Layer Cake (pre-cut 10″ squares) and it was quick to sew together……and she loves the colors!  She typically loves anything that I love, so I was hoping I guessed right on the fabrics.  If you have never used a Layer cake, you might want to check them out.  You can purchase them at quilt shops, but they usually have a limited amount of them on hand.  I enjoy looking at them online and have found several sites that carry an extremely large supply of them.  If you are interested in my favorite quilting sites, let me know.  This material is by Moda and it is called Blush.  I’ve had it for about a year, so you probably wouldn’t find it in a shop, but I’m sure you can still find it online.

I used a backing and binding fabric that was an aqua marbled type of fabric that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.   It blended quite nicely and kept me from having to purchase more of the Moda fabric online.  I was also able to get it on sale 🙂  All I did to create this quilt was sew the squares together and turn them “on point” — notice how they “stand up” instead of laying flat?  You can definitely make it even easier by just sewing them all together in a square.  But this adds a little something special.  Notice the half squares along the edges?  I have the other half here at home.  I could make some great pillows or add these to my scrap bins.  I’m glad I have them, though, since I selfishly like this fabric and it was hard to give away 🙂

I’m happy to report that I also quilted this one myself.  It is a smaller size, and I was able to squeeze it in my machine and make it work.  I am only able to do straight line quilting so far, so it is nothing fancy!  But at least I didn’t have to pay someone else to do it!  I’m hoping to perfect my machine quilting skills in 2012 — and I’m taking my first private lesson next week to help me out.  I’m determined to learn how to quilt something other than straight lines (stippling, squiggles, etc.)   I also decided to round the corners — I really liked them on a lap quilt that I made for myself.  It’s kind of nice to not have to miter the corners of the binding — something I have not perfected yet — but I’m really picky and it just seems I never get them “perfect”, in my opinion.

If you have any questions, please ask!  I love helping others, and I will gladly coach you along.  This is super easy……you can do it!  I better get to the stamp room while Emmy is sleeping…….I have lots of new goodies to explore and 3 projects that must be ready for my club gals next week!  If you would like to come to club as a visitor, please let me know.  We are meeting on Tuesday AND Thursday nights next week and we would LOVE to have you come.  There is NO COST to come and visit — and you will learn new things and see new products from the Mini Catalog and the Sale-A-Bration Catalog!  Fun times!!!

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  1. Love the quilts, Dawn….yummy colors! My new home decor is Baja Breeze (the accent color) latte (creamy coffee), espresso and off-white. Would love to find the layer cake stacks in those colors, so I’d really appreciate some of your online sites. Love to shop that way! Great post!

  2. Oh this is so lovely! And just the inspiration I was looking for, thank you. My dad is in hospital and I want to make him a quilt to keep him warm when he’s home. I googled Layer Cake Quilts but so many are cut up and fancy, but yours shows me how stunning and simple 10inch squares are just turned on point. thankyou!!

  3. Sorry, I also meant to ask if you could point me to a tutorial on the lovely soft corners, I’ve not seen that before. Thankyou

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