Hello from San Antonio!

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off ALL DAY LONG…..and we had a sweet visit from an out of town friend, and now I’m in San Antonio for Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference.  Katherine and I are headed to the airport to pick up friends flying in from Florida, and one more friend is coming from Houston — and then the good times will begin!  I will enjoy posting a few photos of recent projects and cards that I’ve made for Leadership while I am in San Antonio.  I have saved up some things to show you and I hope you’ll come back to see me all week!

First, I want to share the most special photo I’ve had taken in a very long time.  This is from Matthew’s 7th Birthday Party on Saturday night.  He is front and center.  Zoe is on the far right side (she was 5 in September) and  you know all the rest of the characters.  Especially the crazy bald man!  It was a night of fun at the “world’s greatest money-eating establishment for kids” — better known as Chuck E. Cheese.  It was the most money I’ve ever paid for a large pizza and 2 salads, but it was worth it.  $50 ending up getting Zoe a red/blue stretch bracelet, vampire teeth that glow in the dark (added bonus), and a RED Chuck E. Cheese whistle.  Not the blue one, only the red one!

Notice the strange look on baby Emmy’s face as if to say, “who are these other kids and WHY are you excited about them, and not me!”  G0tta love those white eyeballs on that tiny little darker-than-dark body!

So, here is a little sneak peek at a sewing project that Allyson conned me in to making her before she went back to school.  She found the pattern when we went to McKinney and it is adorable.  I’ll show you more and tell you all the details tomorrow.  Gotta head to the airport!

I’ve already decided that I will need to make this rosette with some of our new Stampin’ Up! fabric from the spring Mini Catalog and add it to a card or gift bag.  I was hoping to do that before I left town, but JUST A FEW things got in my way.  Their names are Allyson, Lindsey, Sarah, Emmy, and Charles……….well, I’m sorry!  That sounds rude………..but I really didn’t have much time to myself the last 4 weeks and I guess I’m celebrating that I’m away for a little bit.  Hope they don’t read the blog today………ha!  Talk to you folks later!

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