Lollipop Bag

This is the adorable bag that I made for Allyson.  It is the “Lollipop Bag” from Atkinson Designs.  CLICK HERE to see their website, but there are several online sources where you can purchase the pattern.   There are two sizes in the pattern, but this is the smaller, more rectangular size.  Allyson wanted the detachable wrist strap like her Vera Bradley bag.  There are multiple options and the details are all on the pattern.

Since I am in San Antonio, I can’t give you the details on the fabric (sorry!) but I can look it up at home if any of you are interested.  My favorite part about this bag is the little pleat at the bottom.  It is made with a contrasting fabric and really makes the bag special!

And the rosette is fun, too!  I wasn’t sure if I had ever made one like this before, but when I read the details on the pattern, I discovered a new technique!  This is made with a strip of fabric, sewn together and flipped right side out.  However, in order to appeal to the “non-sewing” friends of mine, I am going to make a flower just like this with NO SEWING when I get home.  It can easily be done with Stampin’ Up! products and avoid the sewing for another option.  Just wait and see………I will show you all how to do it, even if you are not in to sewing!

Now, don’t you want this pattern?  Here’s what you need to create a really cute bag……..really cute, really fast, and really easy!

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