Valentine’s Day Cards

I’d like to start out the week by showing you the cards from Friday’s class.  I had hoped to post them over the weekend, but I was busy planning a group meeting for my Demonstrators in my downline — and being a full-time mom and wife!  Lots of “junk” going on and here I am on Sunday night just wondering what happened to my weekend.  Well……I’m super excited about the projects I have prepared for the meeting, and I’m hoping my ladies like them, too.  You can expect to see them on the blog this week, so make sure you come back and see me!

Remember that I wanted these cards to be quick and easy for my attendees to put together.  They really loved the prep-work that I did before hand — and I had TWO brand new friends that were successful with all six projects.  I’d say it was a HUGE SUCCESS!  And you’ll be happy to know that the proceeds helped me purchase a “new to me” sewing machine from a precious senior adult.  I found it on Craigslist — it was less than a year old and she had some medical issues that forced her to sell it.  I’m SO GLAD that I decided to call — as I’ve never bought anything off of Craigslist.  My Pfaff sewing machine is still in the hospital and no clue as to what her BILL will be.  Supposedly they are working on it.  Too long of a story and it makes me depressed — so I’ll take you back to a gorgeous card!

Hope you like these little pretties……..and can use them for ideas.  Get busy!  You need to mail your Valentine’s out by the end of the week!!! If you have any questions about these cards, please let me know.  I’ll be happy to go over the details with you……..thanks!!!!

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