Three Mountain Retreat

I am thrilled to be getting back in the groove today, and happy to report that we had a great Spring Break last week.  We didn’t get to vacation anywhere (thanks to Sarah’s soccer schedule) but we did some fun things and enjoyed having Allyson home from college.  I left Thursday night to go to Three Mountain Retreat in Clifton, TX.  I have been attending retreats there with some of my long-time friends for over 10 years.  We love this place!  There are many different types of lodging and meeting rooms available.  They accomodate all types and sizes of groups.  I know the owners personally and they are wonderful to work with.  For about the past 6 years, we have stayed in “The Ranch House” and the six of us feel like it is “home away from home”.  It is gorgeous and  we are very secluded from the world.

The Ranch House is huge and the entire back side is a HUGE porch where we enjoy the breezes and the coutryside views.  Most rooms have a private door that goes to the outside, also.  This photo was taken inside the fence, but there is a small gated yard that goes all the way around so that the cows, longhorns, and donkeys don’t come into the yard to graze on the lovely green grass.  However, if you leave the gate open, they come right on in and help themselves.  We forgot on Thursday night and we had to “shoo” them out the gate.  It was interesting, to say the least. You can barely see a door on the far left of this photo and that is “my room”.  Yes, we all have our own rooms, but each room will sleep more than one — there are 5 beds in one of the large rooms.

Here’s one of the Longhorns — there are several of them that roam around.  They are huge!

We got lucky this time and there were 3 baby calves!  We love watching the babies with their little wobbly legs.  Aren’t they cute?

He can barely reach the water trough….poor guy!  And then there are the 2 donkeys.  These guys are spoiled rotten and love to eat out of your hand if you are brave enough to feed them.  Here we are feeding them celery, but their favorite is CHIPS.  Yes, I said CHIPS.  They have been known to eat all our chips for certain recipes and we just “sacrifice” for the animals.  They love to be fed and they are greedy, too!

This all began as a Scrapbooking Retreat, and we originally scrapbooked lots and lots and lots of pages.  But as we have grown older, and become involved in more things, its now just a “retreat” and we each do whatever we want to do.  Some scrapbooking happens, but we also relax, read, watch movies on our laptops (no TVs there), sew, or do anything that we feel led to do.  This time I did a ton of sewing.  I decided I didn’t want to pack up all my scrapbooking stuff and I didn’t have time to get it all together.  I had some gift items I wanted to sew, and some patterns I wanted to try out, and I had SO MUCH FUN sewing all weekend.  I have lots of projects to show you and I’m going to try and take some photos of them before the thunderstorms roll in this afternoon.

My club classes meet tonight and tomorrow night so the fun will continue at my house the next 2 days.  I better get OFF the computer and start cutting paper.  I’ll show you a little sneak peek and then reveal the projects the next few days.  Blessings on your day!!!

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  1. Sounds like ya’ll had a great time!! Looking forward to tonight!! Hope the weather doesn’t turn bad!!

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