It’s been a week!

So sorry that the blog got neglected this week!  But I was a busy momma, a tired momma, and a praying momma.  We’ve had some amazing moments this week, and some struggles, too.  I have been praying for God’s guidance in some areas of our lives and we are waiting on directions.  We are praying we hear HIS voice loud and clear.  There are two main things that we are praying about and I’d like to share (briefly) so that if you feel led to pray, you will do so.  First, pray that we would know exactly where Lindsey is to attend college and that she will be content about the decision.  There are several reasons that this is not 100% clear at this point, but it is mainly financial reasons.  However, God provided a partial answer on Friday and she was awarded a considable amount of scholarship money to her first choice school, Samford (Birmingham, Alabama).  There are alot of other things pertaining to this decision — which I won’t go in to.  The second choice school, Dallas Baptist University, is also a fantastic school and a more affordable option.  They have awarded her 35% of tuition, and we are thankful for that decision that came this past week, also.  We have until May 1 to decide.  Please pray that God will give us direction.  We want to follow God’s plan and not our plan.

Secondly, we are praying about my future employment and asking God to open doors if there is something else out there for me.  My job at Image Photography will be ending pretty soon, and we don’t start back up until August.  At the very least, I need a place of temporary employment.  However, I am open to something different for the fall if I can find something that will help us pay for two college educations.  I am very thankful and appreciative for my job, but I’m praying for God to open doors and shut doors as needed.  Once again, I want to follow God’s plan and try to provide for my family in every way possible.  Please join me in prayer if you feel led.

Now for a few fun photos!  We had 2 soccer playoff games this week.  I did not go to the one in Palestine because of work and other conflicts.  Thankfully we won, and advanced.  However, last night’s game was in Temple and we won again!   We called Kimi’s family (foster baby 3 years ago) and they met us there for part of the game.  What a blessing!  Here are the photos of our special little angel, Kimi.

Here is Sarah’s team after their Sectional Victory!  She is on the second row, third from the right.  Number 8.  She is a freshman, and very inexperienced, so she does not get to play alot.  But she is strong and fierce when she DOES get out there!   And the paper this morning incorrectly identified one of our best players and put HER name in the article as a leading defender……quite a joke!  It indicated that her “size and athleticism” helped her in the box.  Those who know how tiny she is, will get an even bigger laugh at that comment!


This week also brought a scare from nature, and many of you know that Dallas (2 hours away) had many tornados.  It was a scary system that passed through with unbelievable hail.  Ours was not as big in SIZE as other towns, but the amount of hail was unlike anything I have ever seen.  I snapped photos from the porch.  It was like giant popcorn balls popping everywhere in my yard.  I just couldn’t believe how much and how long it lasted — about 20 minutes or so — continuous!

The photo below is of my flower bed that is near the porch, somewhat obstructed by the house and trees……and it still got full of hail!

This little area by the house, also somewhat shielded, and I was amazed at all the hail!

And this last photo reminded me that I needed a pedicure something fierce!  Ha! I was trying to photo some of the bigger hailstones so that we could show them to insurance in the event that our roof sustained too much damage.  Charles likes to do this….

So……I’m going to stop for now.  I’ll post more as I can.  The next 3 weeks will be very busy and I don’t promise alot of stamping will be done.  However, as mentioned before, my job will be ending soon and my creativity will begin to explode!!!!

We have club classes this Thursday and next Tuesday, so I will have at least 3 new projects to show you that I am preparing for my club class.   And I have some sewing orders to work on, too.  So I’ll be back as time allows with updates on my life and my projects.  I hope you have a blessed week and that you will pray for my family as you think of me during the week.  God is good, all the time!  I will praise Him in all circumstances and try to listen intently.  May God bless YOU, too!

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