Button Art Flowers

Sorry it has been a full week since I posted last.  I had a whirlwind week last week, and didn’t make the blog a priority at all.  I traveled to Houston twice for soccer games and had club class one of the evenings.   Mix in working, laundry, and the like…….well, you get the picture.  Not to mention an 8 month old baby.  So, my apologies!  BUT……..good news is that tomorrow is my last day to take Spring Pictures and then just a couple more weeks of office work.  There is light at the end of the tunnel……..for work, at least.  I’m not seeing it on the “home front” if you want to know the truth.  Things are pretty crazy with 2 teenage girls.  But God is in control — and He never said parenting was easy.  Right?

So, I’m sure that there are no explanations needed for this card.  It’s just a fun little way to use up all those buttons I keep hoarding!  This was the table that everyone loved, just sweet and simple.  And our other two projects will be on the blog this week, too.  They are a little more complicated, but still very do-able.

Sarah’s soccer season ended on Friday afternoon in the Regional Tournament.  So proud of our tiny little 3A school (competing in a 4A division) for making school history and traveling this far into the playoffs.  It was an amazing ride and such a great experience for my young freshman to be a part of.

Sarah and her coach, Steve Glaser

After our playoff win in Waller on Tuesday night.

The Freshmen Girls after the game in Humble.

Sarah after the game in Waller.

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