Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap

Today’s post is all about one of my recent sewing endeavors.  Hope you will smile along with me!  About a year and a half ago, I discovered the online quilting community — the HUGE online quilting community!  I had NO idea how vast it really is!  I am still learning, in fact.  I quickly learned that you have to set up a Flickr account (online photo gallery, if you haven’t heard of this) and then you can join Flickr Groups as you desire.  So, another online “thing” to get involved in, but it was very easy for me since I have tons of photos of my sewing projects already.  It is a very user-friendly site (great news for those who aren’t so computer savvy) and I started very simply with just a few of my projects.  Then came the fun part…….finding groups that I wanted to try to get involved in.  Sometimes the group is “full” and you have to wait until someone drops out and sometimes they are “open” to many people with no limits, but you have to wait until another round of participation is starting.  Hope that makes sense.  So……..the “Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap” was not open at the time and I had to wait until a new round started.   But I really, really wanted to participate in this one.  The photos of cute little pouches that they made for each other were adorable!

FAST FORWARD a month or two and here we are.  I finally remembered to check the dates on this group and Round 4 sign-ups were about 4 weeks ago.  The way it works is that there is a “Mama” that you sign up with, she swaps out all the names, sends you a secret partner, and you create for your secret partner.  You also get a little information from your partner and you can see photos of things they like on their Flickr account.  So, she filled out her sheet and I found out that she liked birds.  That’s how I decided to do the embroidery on the front of the pouch.  So here is my finished product for her.

My partner told me to allow my creative style to be seen in my work, so I went with it!  I already had the vine material and it just seemed to be jumping off the shelf — and I went to my local quilt shop for the other coordinating fabrics.  Most of you know that I love ruffles and buttons, so I made sure that I added those touches.  I noticed that most of the ladies made the back of the pouch pretty, too, so here is the back side of mine.

Most of those buttons are from my Stampin’ Up! collection……but not all of them.  I’m happy I found a way to make it work with all the loot I have on hand!  At the very end of working on my project, I decided that it needed a zipper pull.  I noticed (again) that others were putting a little ribbon or dangle of some sort, so I ran back to my office to see what I could come up with.  Once again, I grabbed my button stash, and I found the pearls in my Pretties Kit from previous Stampin’ Up! years.  Here is the close-up of my zipper pull.  So happy I added this extra touch.

I used 2 strands of the off white Pearle Cotton thread — the same as the stitching around the embroidery on the green fabric.  I threaded it all together and looped it through the little spring clip attachment. The little silver clamps were in the Pretties kit also.  Hate to admit that I had never used them before, but they were perfect for this project.  I am so glad that I found a use for supplies that I’ve had for many years!  I know that this isn’t probably the most durable zipper pull, but it is detachable, so my partner can easily take it off and put it in a safe place if she wants.

Now……….here is what I received in the mail yesterday from MY PARTNER!

Isn’t it adorable?  She knew I loved owls and pink…….and she did a fantastic job with the Cathedral Window technique!  She said it was her first time to try it……..who would have believed that?  I am so thankful to my swap partner for all the goodies she send with my pouch, too.  Zippers and fabric scraps to make my own pouch!  How thoughtful is that?  And by the way, there are 333 members of this group!  I’m not sure that ALL of them participated in Round 4, but still……..lots of ladies!

If you want to see more creative projects from this group, I think you can follow this link:  Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap andif you have any questions, let me know.  This was so much fun and I can’t wait to join another group!  I was a little intimidated because my partner is a PROFESSIONAL quilter, and is on the cover of a recent quilt magazine.  CHECK IT OUT HERE.  But I didn’t let that stop me from doing my best and hoping she liked it.  She should get it in the mail TODAY.  We shall see…..


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