I’m home…….and David’s home.

I’m back in Lorena — my Earthly home.  David is in Heaven — his Eternal home.  I guarantee you that his home is doing way better than my home!  And it is much more glorious, beautiful and pain free.  I’m so blessed to know that my brother is in Heaven.  Mom and I talked about whether we believe that our loved ones in Heaven can really SEE what we are doing here on Earth.  Or is it so incredibly gorgeous there that they really have no need to SEE us, or think of us?  The presence of the Lord and the reuniting with loved ones is such a comforting feeling.  David is back together with Papa, Uncle Keith, and other loved ones.  I’d like to think that he “saw” his funeral and all the people who were there to show their love to us.  It was a very large graveside service and we were so incredibly blessed by the ones who took the time to join us.  I am questioning God’s timing in all of this, and struggling wtih where do we go from here.  And there are some other stressers in my home right now, so I’m having to really slow down and ponder.  I’m rambling on……..and I know it.

Bottom line is this:  Show love.  Give love.  Ask for forgiveness.  Turn to God.  Read God’s word.  Move forward.  Make changes if they are needed.  Be kind.  Do things you love with those you love.

I will write more and get back to my creative outlets soon.  But probably not this week.  I am sure that I will find some of my projects as therapy to me in the days and weeks to come.  But I am just going through the motions right now and taking care of the immediate needs.

I have a daughter graduating in exactly one month.  We have to make a college decision by tomorrow.  We are not THERE yet.  We are conflicted about this decision, especially since her #1 choice is 12 hours away.  This is one of the hardest decisions, but even moreso in light of last week’s tragic events.  I’m really not wanting to send her off.  But it is time.  It is part of life.  And once again, I must trust in God’s timing.

I feel like a “doubting Thomas” — if you know the Biblical stories about Thomas.  I don’t get to see the big picture ahead of time, and I’m not understanding God’s timing right now.  AT ALL.  Please pray for me to have peace about family decisions and to stay focused on God’s promises.

I wanted to share a photo of the flowers I had made for my brother.  I took them the Dallas Cowboy teddy bear, the stars, and the ribbon.  They created such a beautiful spray for him.  I was so blessed. It’s kind of hard to tell, but the white flowers were in a heart shape and several silver stars dangling from the bottom.  It was nice!

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  1. Just trust His heart!

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