Betsy’s Blossoms Flap Card

I hope this post finds you enjoying summer — and staying cool!  Especially if you live in Texas!  We have officially started the 100+ days that I can not stand!  Sorry to complain — I really try hard to not complain — but I just can’t stand the heat.  Well, maybe if I could live in a swimming pool all day or swim in the ocean like a dolphin, or live in the mountains of Colorado………ok, back to reality!   For 45 years I have survived the summers in Texas, and I suppose this one will be no different.  Thank you, dear Lord, for AIR CONDITIONING!

So, you really came here to see the card.  So let me tell you about this cute card using Betsy’s Blossoms in the fabulous new Catalog.  I used four of the five new In Colors to stamp the flowers and the leaves.  Don’t they look lovely together!  I’m finally get used to all of them, and I really like them!  Since pinkish colors are always my favorite, you can assume that I love the Raspberry Ripple (main card) and the Primrose Petals (the lighter flower) best of all!  But the leaves in Gumball Green and the tiny flowers in Summer Starfruit are also very nice!  And what about the new satin ribbon?  Such a beauty!  I am really loving the new ribbons.  Speaking of ribbon, I have ordered the Ribbon Shares for those who let me know they wanted in on that, and they should be here in a day or two.

When you open the flap, you basically see a simple card, just scored in a different spot.  The left and right sides of the card open up to reveal a nice spot for a stamped greeting or a hand-written message.

Hopefully you can see that the card is still the traditional card size, it is just scored in a different place to create a gate-type fold.  The front flap (Summer Starfruit) extends past the left side of the card, and has rounded corners to help it slide into the slot.

The inside of the card is a simple Whisper White piece with a small amount of flowers to add a little color and excitement as well.

I’ll be back with some more ideas for you very soon.  I’m really enjoying the creative days that I have had a home.  I’m still job hunting, but I’m thankful for several interviews and hope that I will be gainfully employed very soon.  I’ve had some disappointments along the journey, but I am trying to keep my chin up and press on.  God has a great idea in mind for me, and I’m hoping He will reveal it to me very soon!

In the meantime, I will continue to work on sewing projects and stampin’ projects.  I am making a quilt for Lindsey to take to college.  I’m almost done!  This is the fabric collection she chose — Cabana Blooms — but I’m not 100% sure this photo shows all the different prints.  But you get the idea.  She chose the pattern (relatively simple design) and the fabrics — and it is a very LOUD and BOLD quilt.  I’m glad she likes it because it really makes a statement!

I’ll look forward to taking photos of it and sharing with you soon.  I’m eager to get it to the lady that will quilt it so that it will be finished in time for me to bind it and not have to rush too much in August.

Have a great week…….and see you soon!

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