Happy 4th!

I hope that each of you had a happy Fourth Of July!  We decided to take advantage of everyone being together and headed to Grapevine for the day.  We went to the Grapevine Mills mall and shopped (and ate) the day away!  It was such a fun day and we made some sweet memories in a very short time.  Believe it or not, the summer is starting to feel “almost over” for our family.   We have 3 weeks before Sarah begins summer band and cheerleading practices.  And we have about 10 days before Charles starts alot of football officiating duties, and will be gone alot.  We are beginning to feel the slippery slope of change.  Big changes coming our way in August.

For those of you that know me well, you will know that the little princess in the photo above has been our foster baby for the past year.  She came to us as a 5 pound baby that would have made a football look big!  She is standing alone, exhibiting her free will (doesn’t that sound politically correct) and growing more beaustiful with each passing moment.  She is also going to be a huge part of the “change” in our lives, as she will be leaving soon to live with an adoptive family.   We don’t know, and can’t share, all the details, but we anticipate a resolution in her case no later than August.  Would you join me in prayer for this process?  We want the PERFECT family — God’s chosen family — for her.  And we definitely want the judge to direct her path in a positive direction.  We don’t foresee any problems, but please pray for this precious baby, her adjustment, her new family, and her ability to bond with a new family.  God has provided a family that we believe will be the best choice!  We were priveleged to have them in our home last night for dinner and some special bonding time.  They will be keeping her all next week while I go to Stampin’ Up! convention, and I pray that their time will be so, so sweet.  And we hope this is the first of many weeks for them!  Many of you have seen us travel this journey over and over again with our  babies.  It is always an emotional journey filled with joy and sorrow.  Thank you for prayers once again!

Lindsey made her shirt off of an idea on Pinterest.  We had originally planned on all of the big girls wearing them…….but as teenagers sometimes do, there was a lack of cooperation amongst the siblings.  Oh, well.  Lindsey was spirited and carried on the crafty genes!  The others are crafty, just not always “in the mood”.  Ha!  Guess we can all relate to this on some level.

I’ll be back with some Stampin’ Up! projects this week.  My FAITH blocks class is tomorrow night (Tuesday) and I have ONE spot left.  Would you like to make a last minute decision to attend?  CALL ME NOW!  Or send me an e-mail.  I’d love to have you!

Have a great week.  It’s Monday again……..last week had me all mixed up on the days.  I’m looking forward to starting fresh today!

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