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I have several things that I have completed this summer — and several more unfinished projects.  I thought it would be appropriate to show you all of the finished bedding for Lindsey’s college dorm.  You may have seen her quilt (prior to being quilted) but I wanted to show you all of the extra accessories.  I can’t wait to see how it all looks in her room.  I’ll take photos and let you see how it all works out.

Here’s the completed quilt after being quilted by someone local who has a Long Arm Machine.  The design is very swirly and has some flowers thrown in here and there.  It is really the perfect pattern for this quilt and Lindsey.  Happy daughter.  Happy mom.  And the back is shown below.  I love the back.  Maybe even more than the front.

I was able to find a few solid pillows this summer.  I don’t have photos of those and they are currently crammed — yes, I said crammed — in Lindsey’s car.  Her poor car.  Wait —  her poor mom who rode all the way to Alabama in a very tight space!  I found an aqua one at Pier I, a brownish/gray one at Kirkland’s and an off-white one at Target.  I found perfect matches by carrying around little fabric swatches everywhere I went.  Just a tiny little tip.

And then I made her 2 pillows with left-over material, and a pillowcase (that I also failed to get a photo of).  First, a simple square pillow inspired by a blog that I looked at……..may have been All People Quilt.  Love this site for FREE patterns.  Or just some really neat ideas.  It’s a Better Homes and Gardens site, so you can find lots of goodies here.

I made this sweet little flower by folding a strip of fabric in half (about 3-4 inches wide) and gathered the strip with a very long basting stitch.  Pull the gathering threads and then roll up your strip of fabric like a cinnamon roll.  Take a needle and thread and take a few whip stitches at the base of the flower to hold it all together.  Then carefully tack down the outermost layer of the flower to secure it in place on the pillow and make your flower “open up” a little bit.

I also made this Neck Roll pillow with some of her scraps.  The various ribbons were in my scrapbook stash.  I have no idea where I got them or when.  Most likely, ironically, Lindsey was a young child when I bought those ribbons.  Just being honest.  Its sickening how much ribbon I have.  This pillow is really one large rectangle of fabric.  It was the easiest thing to create.  Just to double-check and get some ideas, I googled “neck roll pillow tutorial” and got some great photo tutorials with descriptions.  If you are a novice sewer, go ahead and check out some things online.  It will really boost your confidence and give you ideas.

The ends are gathered and tied with grosgrain ribbon.  Just fold over the edge of your end piece to make a casing and you have a great little pillow.

I’m also working on quite a few little embroidery projects.  These are my “traveling” projects that I work on in the car, while on an airplane, or while waiting on various delays due to storms.  Yep.  Been there and done that.  Thank goodness for two hours to work on embroidery.  It is a nice diversion when you are sitting on an airplane — with nothing better to do 🙂  I can’t take most of my stamping or quilting projects on the road, but embroidery is perfect!

I’m mostly working on little things for Christmas gifts — ornaments like the one shown above.  But I have a few other larger projects that are for gift items.  I can’t show them just yet………can’t ruin all my Christmas and birthday gifts, can I?

Have a great week.  Please remember to let me know if you are coming to the FAITH blocks class, part 2.

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