10 days and counting…

I have 10 days left until I go back to work full-time.  Yes, a real job with real 8-5 hours.  A real, permanent job.  I am excited and eager to learn new things….but I’m also quickly trying to finish a few things at home and squeeze in some more fun things before October 1st.  So today’s post will show you a few things I’ve been sewing (my other love) in the midst of doing Stampin’ Up! projects.  I love to sew — it’s cheaper than therapy — well, maybe.  I do spend an awful lot on material.  Maybe that’s not a good analogy!

First, I belong to a few Online groups and I was a little behind on my quilt blocks for those groups.  These are the blocks that we were asked to make for August and September.  If you don’t know how these work, the person in charge of the designated month sends you their fabric and pattern.  You stitch it together and send it back.  It is a GREAT way to learn new quilting blocks and techniques.  I really enjoy this group.

Next, I am in a swap group called “Pretty Little Pouch Swap”.  This is my second round of participation in this group.  I am not sure that my pouch turned out exactly how I envisioned it this time……but they have to be mailed by Friday, so it’s done and I’m heading to the Post Office.  But in my mind, I envisioned something a little different.  Oh, well.  I hope my partner likes it!

First I made a large piece of checkerboard material.  Alternating gray linen, bright colors (my partner doesn’t like pastels) and some squares that are sewing images (thread,pin cushions, and machines).  I fussy cut them from a piece of material I had.  Then I used this large rectangle to make the BOX POUCH.

I added some buttons randomly in some of the squares after I had it all sewn together.

The inside is neat……I lined it with a cute print but ironed on HEAT ‘N BOND VINYL to make it laminated cotton.  If you have not tried this, you need to.  It was easy to use and I am loving it for the insdie of bags.  This will be my new “go to” for small pouches and bags.  Great for make-up bags, too!

Can you see the orange fabric inside?  This is a great feature of this pattern.  They have you take strips of material and cover your raw seams.  It makes for such a nice finish.  It was not hard to to.  Just like attaching a binding, I suppose.  Makes the bag look so clean and crisp!

And this is a little matching pin cushion for my swap partner.  Nothing fancy, just a little something to put inside the bag.  I also sent her a little notepad, a pair of scissors, and a large decorator-type button.  I wanted to fill the pouch with some goodies for an extra little surprise.

I think that’s all for today.  I’ll show you a few more things tomorrow.  I am headed to Dallas to see my mom and sister-in-law.  That’s another thing that I won’t get to do much of when I start work.  I’m going to have trouble squeezing it all in!  Have a great day and come back to visit my blog soon!

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