A little more sewing…

I’ve had this pattern forever……really about 2 years……and I’ve been trying to find time to make it for ME.  Yes, I wanted to actually sew something and keep it around.  I usually give everything away as gifts.  But this is something that I’m super glad I made for myself……and now I’m ready to make more of them for others.  But I’ll keep this one for me 🙂

It’s a pincusion, and a thread catcher, and a cute little thingy……..all rolled up into one fun little project!

I filled my pincushion with Crushed Walnut Shells.  They sell them at the local quilt shop.  They are very inexpensive and a little goes a long way!  The crushed walnut shells will help keep your pins sharpened.  Some people use sawdust or other things to fill their pincushions.  But these work great, too! I had originally planned on the purple being where the blue is……and the blue where the purple is.  Oh well…..my brain was a little backwards at the time.  Ha!

And one more thing that I’m working on — ornaments!  I’m really enjoying these quick little embroidery projects (and a few others that I don’t have photos of) because they are small enough for me to take with me when we are flying to the football games.  I like having something to work on while we sit in the airport, and this will help me with my Christmas list.  Aren’t these adorable?  And I will enjoy using up my scraps to make them, also.   We are headed to Denver this weekend and I’m super duper excited that my dear friend, Charley, will be meeting me there on Sunday to go to the Broncos game with me.  I’ll be staying an extra day to spend some girl-time with her…….but we’re sending Charles back on Monday 🙂

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