A few weekend projects…

I enjoyed some quality time on Saturday……..Charles was outside doing yardwork, Sarah was gone to a band competition, and I was crafting!  Peace and quiet and wonderful!  I feel a tiny bit guilty saying that, but honestly, it was fabulous!  So here are a few glimpses at what I worked on…

This “Harvest” Wall Hanging came from Hobby Lobby.  I placed a layer of cotton batting in the middle and did some very simple outline quilting.  It’s done in black thread, so you can see it on the pictures, I’m sure.  But I outlined several of the features, and also the large rectangular border.  I added ties in the top 2 corners to attach it to a curtain rod, pole, or something.  I may end up taking it to my office…….not sure.

Then I made a Halloween pillowcase for the girls.  I’m mailing them in a care package.  I don’t think they look at my blog, but SHHHH…..they haven’t gotten them yet!  I couldn’t mail them today either, as it was a US Post Office holiday.

This is Lindsey’s with the black background and edging.

This one is Allyson’s with the purple background.  Her school colors are yellow and purple — so I thought this was perfect for her.  And she LOVE candy corn.  Her boyfriend call them her “happy medicine” because they make her so happy!  Isn’t that a hoot!

This last photo is for my online quilting group.  This is the block that we made for September.  It’s a Wonky Star.  It was quick and easy.  And I really like her color choices!  That’s all for tonight.  This “working woman” needs to be in bed!  I’m still adjusting to everything, but work is going very well!  I’m very pleased with every aspect of my job.  And today was my boss’ birthday.  I made him an awesome card and Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.  They ALL love me at the office now.  They devoured that cake!

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