“Thanks for Your Support” for Jan

My sweet friend, Jan, has had cancer for about 7 years.  She has had many ups and downs, and she has been such an inspiration to me.  She recently had a large number of friends who helped support her in so many ways with their participation at Relay for Life.   Jan had a deep desire to make Thank You cards for all the friends who have walked along this journey with her and specifically those who recently helped at Relay.  “Jans Fans” showed up yesterday to help her assemble cards — and her goal was to make 60 cards.  I supplied two Make and Takes for her friends, and the supplies to make an addition 60 cards using the set “For the Birds” and the image that said “Thanks for Your Support.”  I created one card this week with each of the bird images so that the ladies could create one card to take home (any image).  I’ll show you two of those cards today, and the rest tomorrow.  They also made an adorable Christmas tag that you will see later in the week.

This is Jan and her gorgeous daughter, Staci.

This is another sample I made using the same set, but a different image.  I turned over the DSP to reveal the larger circlular pattern so the guests could see the other side.  For all of the cards, we used a 2×4 piece of the DSP.  They simply chose the color scheme and the image they wanted, but the samples I provided gave them lots of ideas.

This little 5 year old stamper, Gabriel, contributed, too!  He is extremely creative and eagerly hurried me through my “instructions” so he could get busy stamping!   I was so incredibly impressed.  He did a great job…but he didn’t want the ribbon on his card!  He chose the color scheme on one card, but wanted the image from a different card.  He colored with such precision and concentration.  I loved seeing him focus!

REMEMBER THE GOAL OF 60 CARDS???  WELL, THEY MADE 72 CARDS!!!!  Some of Jan’s Fans stayed later in the afternoon and she sent me this photo of her signing “72”.  Jan is a sign-language interpreter and many of our guests yesterday were deaf.  I was blessed, they were blessed, and Jan was blessed with having 72 Thank You Cards!  What an awesome day!

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  1. What a great friend you are! And very cute cards.

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