Visting Kimi…

We were blessed to have a sweet visit with Kimi’s adoptive family……and meet their newly adopted son, Levi, today!  We received Kimi as a foster child about 4 years ago, and had her in our home for about 18 months.  Many of you will remember her beautiful curls and the special needs she had.  She is a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness to all of His children.  She has been adopted into the most wonderful family who truly meets her every need, and provides the perfect environment for her special needs.  May you be blessed to see these photos!  We were told that she might not roll over, sit up, or do anything “normal” — and she didn’t do anything on a “normal” time schedule.  But her love is infectious, and she is a very smart little girl!  She continues to defy all odds and amaze everyone who meets her.  She is basically a “non-verbal” child — but speaks 4 words and several phonetic “sounds”.  However, she began learning sign language when she left our home, and can sign about 100 signs.  She attends public school and is enrolled in a deaf education program so that she can continue to learn even more sign language at school.  Her parents add to that, and constantly reinforce what the school teaches her, as well.  Her teachers are also required to SPEAK while they sign, so she is constantly getting the verbal language, too.  They have high hopes that she will speak someday soon, but for now, she uses signs to communicate and it eases the frustation level for everyone.

We asked someone from inside Burger King to come and take our picture so that all of us could be in it.  I’m sad that she cut us off a little too close, but look at all the smiles!  She took 3 photos of us, and someone is cut completely off in the other two!  This is the best of the bunch.  I’m not sure where she was looking, ha!

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