Washington D.C. Highlights

We are packed up and ready to fly home this morning, but here’s a glimpse at some of my favorite photos from our trip.  There were so many wonderful sights to see, and of course we didn’t see it all.  There were several things that we wanted to see, but ran out of time (or money!) and sometimes what WE wanted to see, the KIDS didn’t want to see.  It was an interesting trip in that respect.  I guess you could say that we appreciate certain things (historically, in this case) more as we mature.  And as you would imagine, teenagers just don’t always want to do the same things as their parents.  Well, here are the favorites, in no particular order.

The Holocaust Museum

Perhaps the most moving experience, emotionally.  Unfortunately, no photos allowed in the exhibits.



The White House

Amazing to see, although we couldn’t book a tour because of the holidays.  And even if we HAD been able to book a tour, it would have probably been cancelled because of the O’Bama’s being in town for the Fiscal Cliff issues.

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The United States Capitol

Notice the front being prepared for the inauguration……so not the best photos ever.

P1150543 - Copy

But we followed the path to the visitors’s center and also viewed both flags raised (to the right and left) indicating that The House and the Senate were both in session.  BINGO!!!!

P1150548 - Copy

THE GOLDEN TICKET…….we were admitted to the HOUSE and the SENATE!!!  Unforgettable experience — looked down on the floor and immediately saw John McCain, Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) and many others!  Certainly a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.  There is NO WAY we should have been able to do this — during the holiday — since they are not usually in session at this time, and we were not able to arrange a visit ahead of time……..but thanks to the Fiscal Cliff Fiasco, we were able to experience it all!

P1150576 - Copy

They confiscated everything that had ANY electronic capabilities and we snapped this photo just ahead of that check-point.

P1150572 - Copy

P1150571 - Copy

The Smithsonian Castle

The “original” and oldest/first Smithsonian Museum.  Parts of it are being refurbished, and we couldn’t tour all of it.  We loved the gorgeous architecture of all the buildings, but there’s something about a girl and a castle…

P1150697 - Copy

P1150709 - Copy


The kids were super excited to see the various FOOD COURTS……this one in the Ronald Reagan center.

P1150387 - Copy

We love these drink machines?  We ate a FIVE GUYS and guess what they had……..yummy!

P1000399 - Copy

The Lincoln Memorial and The Jefferson Memorial

I can’t even begin to tell you how cold and windy it was this morning…we were up high and elevated and it was whipping us around.  It was insane.  But it was a gorgeous day and we made the most of it!

P1150512 - Copy

P1150501 - Copy

P1150483 - Copy

P1150478 - Copy

The Old Post Office Building

Not to be missed, it has an elevator inside that takes you up for some gorgeous views of the city, among other things.  Another chance to eat and shop here, too.

P1150445 - Copy

P1150416 - Copy

An ALBINO Squirrel

Frolicking in the National Mall…….have you ever seen one of these?

P1000423 - Copy


Cute little shops like these………with yummy little chocolate coffee cups and ooey-gooey filling…….enough said!

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P1150337 - Copy

The National Gallery of Art

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but Lindsey and I skipped out on the Air & Space Museum……after glancing at a few spots, and headed to see the ART that she has been learning about in college.  We had some great mother/daughter time and I enjoyed seeing her so excited about things she learned about.  She educated me!!!

P1000426 - Copy


Our last stops were at the Museum of American History and Natural History.  This is the tree in the American History Museum.  Of course, we saw gorgeous Christmas trees and decorations of all types in each building.

P1000567 - Copy


My girls took about 300 silly photos with their cameras.  Most of them will never see the light of day.  Instead of learning about US History, they seemed to pass the time taking silly photos and “selfies”…..photos of themselves making all types of crazy faces and goofy poses.  But here is the best one…….where Sarah was trying to take a single photo of herself jumping with Mr. Ben Franklin.  And everyone in the family bombed her photo without her having a CLUE!   Look closely….

103 - Copy


We didn’t see much.  In fact, we saw more in Dallas when we flew out to DC, than we did the whole trip. But one morning it snowed for about 3 hours off and on.  It was a very wet snow, didn’t stick, but was gorgeous! all in all, a pretty good trip.  I suppose traveling with teens is just a whole lot different than I remembered………..the jury is still out, but I think Charles and I will travel alone next time 🙂

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