Quilting Projects: Part 1

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you “The Diary of the Long-Lost Seamstress”….

You see, this faithful stamper is also very passionate about sewing, quilting, and all things fabric!  I was able to escape reality this past weekend and hide out with some girlfriends and enjoyed some time to sew!  It was a much needed “therapy session” and reminded me how much I miss my sewing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the hats I wear, and I’m thankful for full-time employment that is paying for college……but I often wish that there were more hours in the day.  And I know that many of you can relate.

So, I want to share some of the projects that I worked on this past weekend.

Project 1:  Quilting newBEEs group project

I’m in a monthly online group (organized via Flickr) and we all help each other make quilt blocks.  The hostess for the month sends us the fabric and the instructions, and we sew!  This month’s tutorial was found at Film In the Fridge and you can see lots of fun tutorials by clicking on “TUTORIALS” at the top of her page.  This one is a variation of the String Quilt Block.   Super quick and easy…..great way to use scraps.  The beauty of this group is that I get to try out new ideas, new fabrics, and things that I might not “normally” be attracted to.  Sometimes the projects stretch me a little, as they might not be my usual style.  But whatever the hostess picks is what we sew!  Next month is my month!!!  WOOHOO!!  I’m busy cutting fabric and preparing the to mail.


Project 2:  Baby Quilt and Matching Lovey

I have a very special shower to attend on March 22nd.  I needed a very special gift for this new baby girl.  I knew that this would be my only time to sew, unless I wanted to burn the midnight oil.  So, I grabbed some fabric that I’ve had in my stash for a year or two and chose my favorite “quick and easy” pattern — The Disappearing Nine Patch — and I got busy.  Very busy!  These are the fabrics that I had purchased at Happiness is…Quilting in McKinney, TX.  One of two amazing stores in McKinney just minutes from my mom’s house.  You can make this pattern work with any materials, or scraps.  I had 7 prints here, but you can make do with more or less…….you pick!  I pressed my fat quarters and cut them to be 8″ squares.  This pattern will work with any size squares, although, how big your squares are will determine how big your quilt is.


Next, make nine-patches with your squares.  Like this…  sew ’em and press ’em.


Now comes the fun part.  Slice the nine patch in half.  Directly in half.  Top to bottom and side to side.  Here’s what it will look like after you cut…


And even more magical…….twist ’em and turn ’em and see what you come up with!


For this baby quilt, I made three complete 9 patches, which yielded me 12 blocks.  So, I needed 27 of the 8″ square to make this quilt.  Yes, I had a some leftovers, so I made a little lovey with those.  I just couldn’t resist……more on that in a bit.   Back to the quilt……now lay them all out and decide how you want it to look.  You can agonize over this for hours, or just throw it all together……and you’ll still like it either way.  Since my clock was ticking, I tried to decide quickly and started stitching it all together!


You may notice that all of my yellow squares are tiny.  That part was intentional, and honestly the only intentional thing about this quilt!  I put the yellow 8″ square in the center of the nine-patch for all of them.  Therefor, it was always the only sliced and diced 2 times.  I think I like the continuity that provided.  Just a random thought.

And here is my finished product……..out in the Texas sunshine!  For the little lovey blanket, I sewed 4 of the extra squares together, added some tags, backed it with some of the scraps of minky, and stitched all four edges.  It was super quick and easy!


I used a very soft “buttercream” sort of color for the Minky Fabric……..an extremely soft yellow.  P1030632

Of course I had to add my Perrywinkle Place tag…..love my tags 🙂  I purchased them on Etsy, and couldn’t be happier with them!   They add just a little special touch!


The entire quilt is also backed in Minky Fabric, I think I forgot to mention that.  I sewed all four sides, flipped it right side out and then top-stitched the edges.  To hold it all together, I quilted the small yellow squares only.   This is a very light-weight quilt with no batting inside.  Since we live in Texas (and so does the recipient), this is really a nice weight for our weather.  I have received many positive comments from moms who have received this type of quilt from me in the past.  It just “works” for Texas and other warm states.  Sometimes I put flannel on the back instead of Minky.   Just FYI.


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  1. I love this baby blanket! Thanks for the pattern….looks really quick & easy!

  2. Love it! I have not sewn in a long time and find myself longing to sew for a little girl. Miss you friend!!!!

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