Weekend Get-Away and an Easter Card

We had an amazing weekend, full of “firsts” for Lila, our littlest angel!  She got to experience “Sea World” for the first time!  Actually, she is still calling it “Sea WHALE” every time…..she says she can’t say “world”.  Cute!!


Sarah’s friend McKenna, otherwise known as “Kenna” went with us.  I needed TWO youngsters to help me keep up with the speeding bullet!  She only got away from me one time, and that’s when the girls went to ride the big coasters.


First thing they did was ride this huge “Journey to Atlantis” splash coaster.  Yep!  She was tall enough, by one little curly hair on top…..and the girls took her while she was willing.  I was worried that she would be scarred for life, but she loved it — well, she loved it afterwards.  She cried while it was going on, supposedly 🙂 Check out the little girl on the second row…….that’s my princess!IMG_5655

We spent some time at the “Bay of Play” with kiddie rides in the afternoon.  She loved the carousel!




Not on the favorite list:  dead fish and squid.  She only THOUGHT it sounded cool to feed the Sea Lions……until she saw that they don’t eat white powdered donuts or goldfish crackers!  or candy! IMG_5659


Do you blame her? This is nasty!!!!



Looking at the big coaster that sissy went to ride — and enjoying the weather!


But what did she REALLY do all day?  Play on the bars.  And play on more bars and more bars!  I must have told her 5000 times to get down off of the bars.  She is quite a little climber.


And the other thing she did all day?  Chew gum!  Yep!  Lots of gum!  I didn’t realize that she was playing with it when I snapped this photo.  But perfect shot.  I told her 5000 more times to put the gum IN HER MOUTH!  To all my dentist friends, it is Sugar Free with Zylitol.  The dentist actually recommended this type for her!  IMG_5699

I hope that you don’t mind me including a few personal things on the blog.  Contrary to what some people do, I try to blog a little bit of personal things, as well as business things.   Our little foster children are so special to us, and I always appreciate your prayers as we travel through the journey.  The past 10 years have been amazing and God has taught us so much about life and his plan, and obedience to his plan.

Now to those who could care less about my precious foster child, but really wanted to see a beautiful card, here is another Easter card.  Hope you enjoy the idea!

cross card 3

The cross is created with the Lattice Bigz Die.  You have to cut parts of it off, and hopefully you can visualize that.  The ribbon used is retired, my apologies, but I liked it so much on this card!  cross card

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  1. Lovely card and the photos were great she is a very lucky girl to have someone like you in her life.

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