Fall Blessings Sampler

no glare

Would you like to make this beautiful Home Decor item for yourself?  Or for a gift?  Have any friends or  family members with Fall Birthdays?  This would be a fabulous gift, made from the heart, and we all know those are the best kind of gifts!  In addition, kits are available, but you will need to purchase the stamp set “FOR ALL THINGS” in order to stamp the images.  This is the ONLY stamp set used on this project, and it is available for sell on August 28th.  My first class for this project is Tuesday, August 26th.  Depending on the response, I will consider an additional class date for those who can’t make it to this one.  In addition, I will do a class for YOU, at YOUR designated time, if you will gather 4 or more friends for the class.  You can have it at my house, or yours.  Contact me to arrange times for you and your friends.

Fall Blessings Sampler Class

Tuesday, August 26th

6:30 p.m.

$15 Class Fee (frame included)

$10 Class Fee (no frame)

Kits:  $10 for all pre-cut and punched supplies (but you will need to order the Stampin’ Up! stamp set  for $19.95)


For photo purposes ONLY, the glass was removed from this sampler above.  I couldn’t get a good photo without a bad glare.  However, the glass DOES fit, and it doesn’t crush all the details.  I was very happy with how it looked under the glass, as well as without.  The choice is yours.  This frame has an opening of 8 1/2″ square, and the outside dimensions are 10″ square.  However, if you wanted to frame this in a 12×12 frame, you could mat this project with a 12×12 piece of cardstock for a nice look.  It would just have a larger mat around the squares.  Hope that all makes sense.

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