Magic Reinkers Technique


Ladies……I love when I find something new to try after 15 years of being a demonstrator!  I saw this technique online and decided to showcase it at my Stamp with Perrywinkle Downline meeting, as well as my October Club class.  Everyone loved it!  You start by embossing a flower on Shimmery White Cardstock.  You must use the Shimmery White — NOT Whisper White.  In real life, you can still see the shimmer on this flower.  Next, spray your flower with water until it is sopping wet — puddles of water everywhere!  Then you take a damp Aqua Painter and dip it into some Reinker of your desired color.  I put a few drops of Blackberry Bliss reinker into the lid of one of our button containers.  So get some ink on the Aqua Painter and then very lightly and quickly touch the tip of the Aqua Painter to the puddles of water on your flower.  The ink with MAGICALLY spread out — the water conducts the ink all over the section of the flower where the water is located.  It doesn’t typically spread from one section to another.  That’s why you want to use a flower like this one with wide open spaces, for the most part.  GIVE THIS A TRY!  You’ll never be disappointed, but each flower will look unique and gorgeous!

It will take the flower a bit of time to dry.  You can blot it a tiny bit with paper towel if desired.  The flower may curl up on you a little bit, so you might want to blot a tiny bit, or just leave it alone.  When it curls up, it also lets the water/ink mixture flow freely all over your flower.  SO PRETTY!




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