Gotcha Day!

This week is all about family!  You won’t find me stamping and you probably won’t see many posts about stamping!  But today is “Gotcha Day” for my little Lila…….and she is officially a Derrick girl!  We had about 50 friends and family join us this morning for her Adoption Consummation.  We are so blessed and it is a wonderful Thanksgiving!  All of my college girls are safely at home, and we are soaking in four days of family fun!  We had a professional photographer present, and we took a ton of photos, but these are two that were captured on a cell phone by a friend.  Low quality, but it’s all we have for now 🙂


The courthouse Christmas tree might be the focus of our Christmas cards this year!


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  1. Congratulations on your new addition !!! I’m happy for your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

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