Happy New Year! I’m back!

I’m shocked that it has been one full month since I last blogged!  It wasn’t really intentional, but it kinda was.  I took a little break to enjoy the Christmas holidays with all of my girls, and never did ANY stamping once my December classes wrapped up.  As you may remember, we adopted our little 4 year old on Nov. 26th, and had a season of extreme gratitude this year during Thanksgiving.  Right before Thanksgiving, I was approached about a job opportunity.  A very amazing job opportunity.  I wasn’t looking, and wasn’t really even interested in leaving my company.  But they pursued me, and talked to me alot, and interviewed me alot, and everything fell in to place very quickly!  They ultimately offered the job the first week of December.  It was an emotional decision for me, but I accepted their offer, and turned in my 2 weeks notice.  My final day at The Dwyer Group was Dec. 19th, and I enjoyed the rest of December staying at home and enjoying some time off work!  I started my new job today as an Executive Assistant at Extraco Banks.  I feel blessed, and once again, my heart is full of gratitude!   I hope that 2015 is off to a great start for each of you and I’m eager to get busy creating when time allows.   As you can imagine, I have a great deal of unknowns in my life,  but I plan to continue everything with Stampin’ Up! and have as many classes as I can squeeze in.  In some ways, the new job may make my classes even easier to schedule.  Only time will tell.

One more thing I forgot to tell you…….we got a new foster baby during the holidays.  We got her on Dec. 12th, at only 4 weeks of age, and she was such a good little baby!  However, the judge decided on a different plan for her, and she was moved on Dec. 31st.  So now we are waiting on our next placement.  I know that many think we are “crazy” for fostering yet another baby when I’m already doing so many things, and our lives are so very crazy.  BUT, we are very committed to making a difference in this world.  We are very committed to fostering, and truly feel that this is our calling in life.  God has given us such a strong desire in our heart, and there is SUCH a great need for us, so we want to continue fostering, despite having adopted our last little blessing.




2015 is going to be an amazing year for my family……..our youngest biological child, Sarah (below), will graduate from High School, and our oldest will graduate from college!  Before we know it, we will be moving Sarah to college in August, and there will be even more changes to our family.  I know that I’ll continue with Stampin’ Up! as much as I can, but I also know that I can’t replace ANY of this time with my girls.  I want to take it slowly and make sure that I spend quality time with my family, as well as taking time to enjoy things that I love, such as crafting!


_82A1268So from ALL of the Derrick family…….we hope your 2015 is extra special and full of excitement! We know our year will be fast and furious…….full of many mountain top experiences.  We plan to live life to the fullest and see God’s blessings in all circumstances.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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