Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from the Derrick Family!  We are finally getting back into the groove after a busy December, and I’m ready to start working toward blogging once again.  Hopefully I can get in the habit of updating it more regularly and keeping you inspired with some stamping and sewing projects, as well as some “life” happenings in our neck of the woods.  2016 will be an exciting year, for sure!  We are having our first wedding, and we will welcome our first son-in-law, Ben Coleman, to the family.   Lindsey and Ben will graduate from Samford University in May, be married in June, and he will begin his career with the US Air Force soon after.  We will certainly have many occasions to celebrate, as we will officially have two college graduates in the family, two children gainfully employed, and only ONE college tuition payment to make for the first time in 5 years!  I look forward to sharing some of our family adventures this year, and a little crafting along the way.  I’m finding that I can only squeeze in a minimal amount of stamping these days, and my classes are quite limited, but family comes first — and I’m thankful for everything in my life.  I love my day job at the bank, and I feel SO blessed to be able to say that!  God has provided an excellent boss, fun co-workers, and a stress-free work environment for me each day!  Although I miss more time to stamp, scrapbook, sew, cook, and do all things domestic, I must continue to STOP, count my blessings, and remind myself of all the things I have to be thankful for.  An “attitude of gratitude” is so important, and the older I get, the more I want to possess it.


We decided to take our newest little angel to Disney World for Christmas.  We managed to keep the trip a secret until Christmas morning!  She was so excited when we finally let the cat out of the bag — she almost didn’t know what to do or say!  She was a little more excited about flying on an airplane for the first time than anything else.  She took it all in just like a champ!  She had no problem keeping up with the big girls and rode every ride they would let her on!  No fear of the roller coasters or anything!  I’m eager to make a digital photo album with some of the 1200 photos we have, but not sure when I’ll squeeze that into my schedule.  I’ve been going to Starbuck’s during lunch a couple of days a week to just get out of the office an change the scenery.  I hope that I can start working on the album during my Starbuck’s hours.  The hardest part is always just getting started and getting all my photos organized.  I feel like I can make good progress once I just get the ball rolling.

I have a lot of friends who have chosen a “word” for the year 2016.  Others have set goals, or made resolutions.  I’m not really sure what I want to do, if any, but I do plan on being more creative this year, and finding more time to squeeze in creativity.  It is my “therapy” and I truly need my creative moments.  I have some creative goals, and I thought it might help me be more accountable if I listed them here.  So here goes….

  • Make new stockings for all 7 of us.  I have patterns and ideas for various quilting designs.  They will all be made with the same collection of material, but each will have a different design.  I will have the names embroidered on the cuffs.
  • Make a small quilt for Lila’s birthday with a “pig” on it.  She loves pigs and her lovey is a pig.  I have a cute quilt block I found with a pig on it.  But I want to super-size that block and make it into a very large pig head.  Hard to grasp, but I know what I want in my head 🙂
  • Get rolling on Lila’s Kindergarten scrapbook.  I am using Project Life for Lila’s scrapbooking, so it is incredibly quick and easy.  It’s more like “memory keeping” instead of scrapbooking.  And there are so many simple ways to record the everyday moments in her life.  I’m just getting further and further behind……the year is 1/2 over, and I’ve not done any official pages.  I’ve got to get on the ball!
  • In addition to the Christmas stockings, I would LOVE to finish a tree skirt that I started 2 or 3 years ago.  It’s adorable!  I just need to finish it!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me — so many unfinished projects!
  • I’ve pinned so many other small projects on Pinterest, that I couldn’t possibly do them all in my entire lifetime.  But I do have a few favorites that I want to piddle with this year in hopes of having some Christmas craft projects ready by next December.  I’ll share them throughout the year, and hopefully inspire you to try out a few new projects.  All year last year I wanted to find time to crochet some pot-scrubbers using netting that you cut into strips.  I’m eager to make a bunch of these and give them with some kitchen soap for gifts next year.





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