I am an official Blogger!

My little Valentines!Family Photo at the Lampert Wedding

 Our family at the Lampert Wedding March 1, 2008

Friends, family, and customers,

 I am officially starting my blog — and for those of you who know me well, and know that I am not technilogically advanced (like my kids) — this is going to be interesting.  It is my goal to keep you informed of what is going on in my life, and in the Stampin’ Up! world.  I will show you photos of projects and give you ideas.  I will brag about my kids (I’m honest, at least!) and share recent photos with you, too.   I will give you information about Stampin’ Up! classes I am offering and allow you to register for those events.  I hope that this will inspire you to use your products more often and try new things.  I will often include directions and patterns, too.  It may be a little slow going at first until I figure out how to use all this stuff……….so be patient with me, please.   I hope you will visit often and give me feedback or requests. 

On a personal note, my husband, Charles, will be having a heart procedure on Thursday, April 10th.  He has an arrhythmia problem that started in February.  For those of you in the medical field, atrial tachicardia.  He will have a procedure called an ablasion.  The risks are minimal, and the success should be worth it all.  He is on medication to control the heart until this procedure.  We will spend one night in the hospital and then everything should be back to normal.  Normal??? — that is a relative term in our house!

Also, many of you know that my mom was sick for quite some time during December and January.  She is doing amazingly well and the doctor told her this week that all of her levels have totally returned to normal ranges.  Praise the Lord for this recovery!   There are still alot of concerns in that area of my life, but we are hoping for the best and moving forward.

So………where did this blog name come from???  Well, first of all, everything that I tried came up already used………bummer!   I tried alot of things that related to stamping, creating, etc. but “perrywinkle” is the nickname that Charles gave me when we were dating.  My maiden name is “perry” and it just evolved……….so, decided to go with perrywinkleplace for my blog name.  I hope it “sticks” and works out OK……….hope you guys can remember it, or bookmark it, or whatever you have to do!   I will be back very soon with classes, photos, and more stuff!

 Love to you all!  Dawn

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